Tilt And Turn UPVC Windows Coimbatore

SkillsTech Tilt And Turn UPVC Windows Coimbatore

The SkillsTech brand Tilt & Turn UPVC windows are the preferred window style in Coimbatore.

Tilt and Turn UPVC windows are simple, elegant, stylish and sophisticated. In recent times they have become exceptionally popular among designers & architects, due to their sleek design & high functionality.

Tilt and Turn UPVC windows Coimbatore, uniquely tilt inward at the top, as well as swing entirely from the side, providing wider opening & impressive ventilation.

Tilt and Turn UPVC windows are easy to clean and can be used as an alternative emergency escape.

Our Tilt and Turn upvc windows can be manufactured bigger than traditional fixed windows and ideal when the outside space is limited

Advantages & Benefits:

  • Aesthetically appealing and has excellent ventilation.
  • Multi-point locks ensure efficient security.
  • Easy cleaning & Energy efficiency.
  • The frame has been designed with Indian climate in mind & UV resistance built-in.
  • Versatile and highly functional.
  • Outstanding acoustic and thermal performance.
  • Will fit effortlessly with your lifestyle.

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